Badass Civil War Beards

This goes out to all of the brave men who fought to keep America united (or for the Confederacy, we don't judge) all while sporting sexy facial hair.

Jul 31

Number One

William Bensinger may have been the second person to receive the Medal of Honor, but his tiny mustache is second to none. 

Drunk History

We were watching Drunk History last night (which is a fabulous show that everyone should go watch) and they featured Robert Smalls, a badass who escaped from slavery (with his family and a bunch of other slaves) by commandeering a Confederate transport ship and sailing it all through the night past 5 Confederate forts and beyond the Union blockade. THEN he fought for the Union in the Army and the Navy and piloted ironclad ships and stuff.

And just when you think the guy can’t possibly be any more badass…

You find out that he has an awesome beard.

Jul 30

Literary Ladies We Love


Today’s literary lady is someone we truly love and someone who’s leaving! Trisina, our extraordinary publicist, is heading to the mountains to get married, and then she’ll be starting her new job in High Point.

Trisina has been with Blair for two years and has been an important part of our team. We wish we could keep her but know she’ll meet with nothing but success in all her future endeavors.

Happy trails, Trisina!


Trisina is a total badass (even if she doesn’t have a beard)!


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Abner Coburn? More like Abner SIDEburn amirite? 


John Bratton was born in Winnsboro, South Carolina. Now, I can’t see super well because this picture is so small, but I’m pretty sure we can categorize Bratton’s beard as a Winn.

Jul 29

Facial Hair Fortitude

Powhatan Beaty took command of his company after all of the officers had been killed and led a successful charge through Confederate lines! That’s even more impressive than his classy, classy mustache. 

Rock on

Henry Lewis Benning was nicknamed “Old Rock”. Probably because his beard rocks. Hard.

Jul 28

Mustache Medal

Peter Anderson received a Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Bentonville, but I’d like to give him a medal just for his mustache. 

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