Badass Civil War Beards

This goes out to all of the brave men who fought to keep America united (or for the Confederacy, we don't judge) all while sporting sexy facial hair.

Nov 10

Unsolved Mysteries

I have a real treat for you guys. I was watching Unsolved Mysteries on YouTube last night and came upon a Civil War ghost segment. Fort Drum in California is apparently haunted as shiiiiit and obviously we need to visit it some day. Anyways, I screencapped the re-enactors playing the ghosts, because it’s hilario.

They call this one “The Captain”.

A bunch of ghosts chillin’ in the parlor. Some of them have beards but you can’t really tell because they’re ghosts.

This is Col. Curtis. He’s pissed because his foot got frostbite in Washington.

Actual photo of Curtis and his homies. Curtis is in the middle.

Curtis looking for his award he wanted hung up, which they never found.

It’s all true, because anything Robert Stack says is LAW.

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